5 online money making opportunities

5 online money making opportunities

Sat, 01/28/2017 - 14:58
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There are various great ways to make money on the internet. I will discuss most popular money making opportunities here some of them will require initial investments and some of them don't. However, most of them require your perseverance, skills, patience, and ambition. Here we go:

1. Freelancing

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is self-employment and working for different projects at a time by offering services to clients. In other words, a person who sells their work on an hour or daily basis rather than working for the full time at one employer is called freelancer.


You need to have skill sets to get jobs from clients on freelancer websites. I am good at programming and designing websites so I started as a web developer on freelnacer.com. You might have skills like content writing, photography, data management or any other skill. Even if you have great looks you can start your work as a model freelancer for various websites.

Sites to search for: 

Here are some sites which offer various freelancing platform for Upwork.com, Freelancer.com


  • You can work from home without any investment.
  • Setup your own work profile and start working on a subject which you have more interest and knowledge.
  • Lives boss free life. You are the boss and make your own terms and conditions.
  • You can choose the clients and projects which you wish to work with.
  • Earn more with fewer expenses.
  • You can have better work - life balance. Freelancers can spend more time with family.
  • You can start your own firm if you are very good at dealing and management with clients.


  • Getting the 1st job as a freelancer is really a tough task. As you are new to pool clients generally not tend to offer projects to new freelancer. But you can get the 1st job for sure if you followed step by step guideline explained here - How to get projects on freelancer platforms?
  • Once you accept the job as a freelancer it's completely your responsibility to deliver what clients needs. Sometimes a client doesn't like you work or do not pay or you fail to deliver the project which can lead to the grief. 

You can overcome this issues with time and work management. 

2. Blogging

What is Blogging?

Writing about stuff you know online which can be read by users. Many people confuse blogging to website making. If you like to write and express your ideas loudly, then blogging might be the right activity for you - and you can make money with this.

How to make money with blogging?

  • One of the most common forms of making money via blogging is by advertising. Like, google Adsense.
  • Affiliate marketing like Amazon, eBay.
  • Product placement according to niche

Yet, there are more ways to generate money by writing sponsored posts, write reviews, and so on.


  • Great content writing abilities.
  • A blog website made by CMS like WordPress, Drupal. Hosting server to host blog. And a Domain name which suites your blog. 
  • Seach engine optimization techniques.


  • Same as freelancing you can work from anywhere and anytime you like.
  • You can have better work - life balance.
  • Continuous reading, writing, exploring different traffic will surely increase your knowledge.


Only a few bloggers make large chunk of earning from blogging. Speaking about that much you can make, according to Forbes:

  • Only 11% of respondents earned more than $30,000 (annually)
  • 68% earned less than $5,000 and 57% made less than $2,500

3. Stock Market Trading

What is Stock Market Trading?

Buying and selling of stocks, currency pairs, commodities, indexes, and more to make the profit. It is one of the easiest money making methods only from a technical viewpoint, but in fact, this can be one of the most difficult methods for those who don’t have a serious attitude, discipline or are too emotional.

How to make money with Stock Market?

  • Buying low and selling high or vice-versa will help you to earn money.
  • Stock investing is one of the most recommended forms of investing because the volatility is lower and the companies are interested in increasing their profits (so, you can benefit from it). 
  • Forex trading (trading the currency pairs) has the same principle - you select a pair (like EUR/USD) and try to predict its future movement and profit from it.


  • Trading and demat account for buying and selling stocks.
  • Technical & fundamental analysis, Support & ressistance, trend etc. knowlege. It's most important part of share trading learn and undertand it to make profits. You can make you own statergy based on anlalysis and other factors and news to earn profits.


  • Chances of exceedingly good returns in short time.
  • Share market investments always delivered larger returns than other investment schemes.


  • The Fairly big amount of initial capital investment is required.
  • Trading is exposed to many risks since the market is volatile. Price fluctuations are unpredictable most of the times and you might face severe loss due to such uncertainty. Loses can wipe out your capital if you do not follow a strategy wisely. Fixing risk reward ratio and maintaining stop losses will reduce losses and increase profits in such fluctuations.

4. YouTube Videos

YouTube is currently the fastest way to make money online if you have talent. The talent can be anything like singing, dancing, mimicry, good video editing and gaming. Programs like WeVideo and Movavi helps to make videos in very simple manner. For other personal requirements, you can hire a freelancer for video editing.


Requirement depends on what type of videos you wanted to make. For example, you will need better cameras for shooting videos if you are vlogging (Video Blogging) or reviewing products. In a case of animated videos, you will need animation skills and software related to animations.

How to make money with YouTube?

  • By monetising, these videos add Google Ads and which pays per click.
  • Posting affiliate links for products in a video description.
  • Product placement/advertisment in videos.

Monetising video on YouTube implies that you are permitting YouTube to place ads in your video. This also means that you acknowledge that there is no copyrighted material in your video.

5. Sports Betting

What is Sports Betting?

Betting on events that might happen in your favorite sport. Yes, and it is very much legal on some website on the Internet. Initial investment is required for this type of job.


You should have knowledge about sports how they are played. While betting on any sport you should always check history with same team, ground etc and make deductions and guesses in order to win bets.


  • Betting activity is viewed as one of the riskiest, if you could be patient and manage the risk - this can be a great money generating method. The important thing is to have a good experience in analyzing sports events.


  • Chances of losing all of your money if analysis fails. Here you should manage risk reward ratio.

In sports betting, you should look for very small total odds - like 2.00 or maximum 3.00, and then invest a larger amount of money.

Sites to search for: 

It is very important to choose reputable sports betting service, such as William Hills, Bet365, Dream11

It is also important to bet on a possible events - like over 1.5 goals in a football match, and something like this - very general and probable.

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