Hello Friends,

My name is Rahul. I developed Fuel For Brain to share our life experiences, problems, studies which can help you to gain knowledge.

Currently, our experiences and studies divided into 6 main topics -

  1. Web Development 
    I started my career as a web developer so yes I know coding stuff. I mostly worked on open source technology such as PHP, Drupal, Wordpress, CRM. In this section I will add some stuff, tweaks and tricks to solve programmers issues.
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    Website development and SEO comes hand in hand. Though they are vastly different from each other. I will share SEO techniques in this section.
  3. Freelancing
    My life got changed because of freelancing. I will share my experiences, problems with you in this section.
  4. Money and Investments
    Wow, Money! that's an interesting topic everyone wants money. Our experience related to money and investment will be shared in that section.
  5. Share Market
    I was always curious this topic. When I started with share market I studied and encountered with a lot of things. I will share these in very simple language with examples to people who are agog like me.
  6. Life stories
    In this section will share mostly funny, some sad, some happy stories of my life and people associated with me. I am sure you will enjoy reading this section.

Please convey your response in comments. Also, If you have any query you can directly contact us here.