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How to create exit intent popup modal?

What is Exit Intent Popup?

When a visitor is about to leave view port of the browser. (a behaviour trigger) a popup shows so that user can continue interaction with website without leaving it. This popup can be positioned anywhere and its purpose can be anything. You can ask the user to subscribe, follow you on social media or provide a coupon for product through this popup. Such popups are called as exit intent popups.

How to create logos, icons, banners, invitation cards and much more for free?

I have created a logo, icon and user avatars for this website (Fuel For Brain) for FREE (Yes!  You read it correctly! With 0 cost.) and without knowing any advance graphic design techniques. Just you need is some basic knowledge of image editor software or online image editor tool. 

You might be thinking now that I must have copied this logo or other images from the internet violating image policies of some websites. But it is not true.

How to change the broker and transfer shares to new Demat account?

Recently I closed demat and trading account in sharekhan and opened a new account in zerodha for obvious reasons of low brokerage. During this, I have also transferred my shares from sharekhan to zerodha.

Before we start let's know some terms used while opening account.

Each broker provides you trading account and demat account.

Trading account: In the trading account, we can trade (buy or sell) shares in open share market.

How to get projects on freelancer platforms?

Before starting the guide lets divide the question into two parts -

  1. How to get the first job on freelance websites?
  2. How to get more projects on freelancer platforms?

It is more important that I should answer How to get the first job on freelance websites? before answering anything else related to get more projects. When I answer this question you will eventually figure out how to get more and more projects to work on.

Drupal 8: How to install Drush on shared hosting?

When you purchase a shared hosting server for your website. You get the cPanel access. I am considering here that you have already got an cPanel access and if you don't then please contact support.

Log in to your cPanel hosting account via SSH. Make sure SSH is enabled for your IP before starting guide. You can access ssh by two ways by public key authentication and password authentication. Public key authentication is more secure.