A cute story that gives best marriage advice for newlyweds

A cute story that gives best marriage advice for newlyweds

Wed, 06/22/2016 - 22:00
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Many of my young friends ask me what advice you can give to newlyweds or people those are about to get married. I think giving plain advice seems very boring so I have written a self-claimed cute story to support my advice. Hope you can enjoy reading it.

I have been married for a couple of years now. My marriage was arranged Marriage. It was heavenly feeling at the start. Soon my wife faced the first problem with me. The problem was not so big but her reaction was aghast. That problem was I used to skip bath 2 , 3 times in a week.

Short history about my 'Bad Habit'

I was a hosteler during four years of engineering degree course (2007 to 2011). As many of you know that hostelers do not make efforts for something that won't even last an entire day, Bath. I was also part of that hostel ritual.

A few years later after graduation, I started working as Freelancer. Almost all work I was doing from home. If anyone staying in a home for all time, then I think it is fair to skip a bath. Because of this, my habit continued until I got married to a very clean freak Girl. 

My wife prefers being clean or prefers keeping herself clean. So when she found out my habit her reaction was like this "Eww, yaaakk, yuk" 

Bestowing a look of disgust upon me she said  "If I ever knew you do like this I would never have married you in the first place. You are the dirtiest person I have ever met in my life. Please go and bathe"

Girls especially wives get ecstatic when their husband give them compliments and express love. So I thought this technique might help to skip this topic.

"Baby, I love you. I am saving water. Look so many people don't even have a glass of water to drink Save water save the world" I said it by pointing to drought news in the newspaper. During that time India faced extreme drought in many regions.

I went near to give her warm hug as I thought she will agree and give me a smile and hug for my great sacrifice.

Disapproving my action she said "Don't touch me. Stay away. I don't want to talk to you".

She then went to do her work in the kitchen. I was happy that she didn't argue much. But wait, man can't win an argument with his wife.

After 2 days I wanted to skip a bath again, this time, she harassed and argued with me a lot. This went on for many days and finally, she won. Now I never ever ever miss a bath. Sometimes I bathe twice in a day. 

In the end, I got rid of my bad habit for my wife's happiness. Certainly a win win story and here the advice for newlyweds -

Happy spouse, happy house. 

This is the only one advice will keep your marriage healthy at any age. When you keep your partner happy in small things they will love you even more. Give compliments to your partner, get rid of bad habits, say I love you.

Also newlyweds should take the time to talk about what's bad and good in their marriage regularly so that both become on the same page. "A clunky conversation is better than no conversation."

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Using a no contact rule after having a break up with your girlfriend will help her to calm down and re-think about the relationship, and develop a feeling of trust and faith in you once again.

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