Drupal 8: How to remove (not verified) status in anonymous comments?

Drupal 8: How to remove (not verified) status in anonymous comments?

Sat, 03/04/2017 - 19:31
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You might have seen "not verified" status in your drupal 8 anonymous comments. It's very indecent to show these comments to users on corporate or any other business related website. 

To remove it from comments we just need to change settings in Drupal 8 themes appearance section.

Disabling (not verified) status in anonymous comments in Drupal 8:

Step 1: Login as admin to a website.

Step 2: In 'Manage' section of top admin menu click on 'Appearance'.

Click on drupal 8 appearance

Step 3: This will bring up the themes page where it lists all themes installed within Drupal 8. Click on the Settings tab.

Click on settings tab

Step 4: Appearance page will be shown after a click. You will see Global Settings and the names of all enabled themes on your website. If you want to apply this setting to all themes be sure you are on tab Global Settings.

Check for Page element display list. You will see User Verification Status In Comments checkbox. Simply uncheck that checkbox to disable (not verified) status in anonymous comments.

Global appearance settings page

If you want these settings to be done for the particular theme, then click that theme tab. If you wish to turn off this setting for a particular theme, simply click on that theme's name in the menu and then uncheck User Verification Status In Comments.

Note: Not all themes support the global settings. If that is the case for your theme, simply choose the theme instead of Global Settings and uncheck 'User Verification Status In Comments'.

Appearance theme settings
Here custom theme name is "Journal 8"

Step 5: Do not forget to Click one Save Configuration button at the bottom of the page to save the change.

All done! Your comments will appear without 'not verified' text now.

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