How to create logos, icons, banners, invitation cards and much more for free?

How to create logos, icons, banners, invitation cards and much more for free?

Sun, 07/31/2016 - 23:21
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Everyone always wanted a free item. Free tickets, Free dinner, Free holidays etc. Yet these are easy to find but when it comes to finding free logos, free wedding cards, free business cards and all other graphics its gets really tough to find the proper one.

This article will answer your all questions like how to make logos for free? Where to we can get awesome logo designs and can download it for free?

I have created a logo, icon and user avatars for this website (Fuel For Brain) for FREE (Yes!  You read it correctly! With 0 cost.) and without knowing any advance graphic design techniques. Just you need is some basic knowledge of image editor software or online image editor tool. 

You might be thinking now that I must have copied this logo or other images from the internet violating image policies of some websites. But it is not true.

I agree that until now I used the images search Google in most cases, Lots of you also have done the same. But search engine delivers images those copyrighted and can not be reused. By using these images we are breaking laws, without knowing that we can get in trouble.

So what is a solution to this problem?

Please check images from photo gallery above. Those vectors/ images are from Freepik - Free Graphic resources for everyone.

When I created this website, I wanted to make some really nice logo, background, icon, and avatars. But the main problem was I am not a graphic designer and do not want to pay any designer for creating designs.
So I decided to search for free logos on google. I got many websites which at the start showed that they are offering designs for free, but at the end they wanted me to pay some amount or register to their websites. I felt disappointed.

After a few days of searching and finding I got one super website Freepik - Free Graphic resources for everyoneFreepik offers users, high quality graphic designs, exclusive illustrations and graphic resources carefully selected by their own design team in order to provide our users with great content that can be used in both personal and commercial projects at almost zero cost.

Also, most of the graphic designers often search for free high quality vectors and regular images to use in their projects. Most online websites that let people search for such free art do not distinguish between vectors and only photos. If you want a free vector and image search site that lets you control what you are searching for, then head on over to Freepik.

Noticeable Features:

  • A very easy to use website.
  • Lets you search for vectors and photos.
  • You can choose to search for only vectors, only photos, or both.
  • Vectors and photos in the search results are free to use in projects.

When you download vectors or images for free then you just need to add credit to the designer or freepik (i.e. Designed by Freepik)

When freepik is launched founder Alejandro said-

I started this project for my own need, since I am a developer and was always looking for free images, vectors and posed in many blogs or image bank payment used galleries free file as a hook. I lost too much time because I had to look at more than 50 sites and was missing a place to look for you and order the results in a logical and easy to use.

Credits: Fuel For Brain logo and some other graphics are Designed by Freepik

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