How to get projects on freelancer platforms?

How to get projects on freelancer platforms?

Wed, 04/13/2016 - 21:55
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Many of people who started their journey in freelancing might want to know answer to a most important question 'How to get projects on freelancer platforms?' So here is a detailed guide to get your 1st job on freelancing website as well as secrets to get more projects from clients to kick start with a bright freelancing career.

Before starting the guide lets divide the question into two parts -

  1. How to get the first job on freelance websites?
  2. How to get more projects on freelancer platforms?

It is more important that I should answer How to get the first job on freelance websites? before answering anything else related to get more projects. When I answer this question you will eventually figure out how to get more and more projects to work on.

How to the get first job on freelance websites?

I faced the same dilemma when I started as a freelancer. No matter how low my bid was, I could never get a project because my experience and rating were zero.

At a certain point, I thought I should leave it and do something else. But somehow I didn't give it up.

“A pivot is a change in strategy, not vision.”  -- Eric Ries

Yes! I change my strategy and not the vision. Today when I bid, there are more than 70% chances that I can get a project. But I rarely do it now, because my current client base gives me more projects to work on. 

What I did something right eventually that many of you are not doing until now. Here is the list to get your 1st job -

  • Create an outstanding profile and look real

Consider you are in a position of the client and you wanted to assign a job to freelancer. What should you look in bidder first? 

Yes! you are absolutely right it's his profile page. Chances of the project increase with the great profile. Showcase your profile in such way that client gets impressed. Add working project details, add some info about past experiences. If possible link to your portfolio website. One more thing most people missed is client do not give the job to people who looks fake. clients give you business when they begin to see you as a real and identifiable person and not just an online identity.

  • Add skill badges to your profile

If you have pro level knowledge in the particular skill like HTML, Search engine optimization (SEO). Give online exams for those skills and earn badges. provides you these virtual badges when you complete any test successfully. So when you bid on any projects your badges seek more attention. If you don't feel confident for tests you can skip this step but remember When you take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise.

  • Seek for smaller jobs from genuine clients

Try finding those jobs you can finish in 1 day and relatively easy at the start. You can find jobs that you have already done in your past experience. I started with website's upgradation jobs. I felt more confident about those jobs because I had more experience in that section.

One more important addition is while selecting a job you should choose your client wisely. Generally, fake clients (Might be bots) eat your time and waste your bid. Be aware of those clients. I personally preferred European clients for my bid.

  • Get 100% confident about your solution

Create a quick solution for those jobs at home. Search online for the job if anyone has found the solution for it before.

  • Give lowest possible bid according to work

I have seen many jobs which have small solutions. But bids on those jobs were very high. Grab such chances and bid the lowest possible price according to your work.

Some jobs have a complex solution which needs more time in that case I will suggest don't try to win those complex project with the lowest bid. Such clients will usually make you hate yourself and will try to abuse you.

If you want to bid with a nice price, then either wait a bit for others to bid, then take the average bid price and propose only slightly smaller price.

  • Give outstanding proposal where you explain why you should be picked for this project

Remember do not post your bio-data in the proposal. You already created a profile to show what you are and what you have done in past. Just propose a great solution and procedure how you gonna do it to the client.

If the client requested any further details about your experience and other then you can write more about yourself.

  • Submit samples based on job

Just don't submit any samples. The samples should be relevant to the current project you are bidding on.

  • Be patient

Like in most things in life, persistence is the key to success in freelancing. So what if you didn’t get your job in your first bid. Get over it and start analyzing what you did wrong. Send another proposal, a better one this time, and keep doing that until you land an awesome job.

How to get more projects on freelancer platforms?

So for first few projects you can follow above steps. When you started to get project check on these points -

  • Build strong relationship with clients

Impress clients with your work and talent. Build trust in between you. This will increase your number of clients and which will produce you continuous work. Most of the time, clients choose their trusted freelancer to work for them.

  • Ask client to give great reviews and rating

If you finished your job perfectly then don't hesitate to ask your client for great reviews and rating. This will help you on next bid. It can widen your chances to win new bids

  • Expand your expertise

At the start, many clients asked me about other skill sets like do you know mobile app development? Do you know search engine optimization? As I worked as a website developer for many years my skill sets were limited to only 1 or 2 options. That's why I never got different types of projects at beginning. But never the less I started learning and working on other skill sets. Likewise, you can start to lean more options with your current skill sets

  • Create you brand

This part become last part of all i.e. create your brand. Create your portfolio website with the best possible user experience. Give clients free demos. Showcase your projects. Start writing a blog.

Start with these points and you will see results very soon. See you in comments if you have any questions.

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