Drupal 8: How to remove (not verified) status in anonymous comments?

You might have seen "not verified" status in your drupal 8 anonymous comments. It's very indecent to show these comments to users on corporate or any other business related website. 

To remove it from comments we just need to change settings in Drupal 8 themes appearance section.

Disabling (not verified) status in anonymous comments in Drupal 8:

Step 1: Login as admin to a website.

Step 2: In 'Manage' section of top admin menu click on 'Appearance'.

Short and romantic stories to tell your girlfriend

Story 1 : Real diamonds

"A diamond ring? That’s damn costly. And you have a lot of them. Why again?" Raj shouted.

“My billionaire husband. They got a new collection in the market and you also got a new big business project. Apart, you know very well that  A diamond is the first love of any woman.” Sonia added, “So I demand.”

“Alright!” That’s all that Raj managed to say.

How to transfer shares to spouse or blood relative or other person? Step by step guide

We will discuss 2 ways to transfer or gift shares.

  1. Transfer shares directly in Demat account.
  2. Transfer shares which are in certificate form.

Let's go deep in these options. 

How to transfer shares directly in Demat account of spouse or any other person?

Make sure for this transfer your spouse has a Demat account.

Step 1

You to initiate an off-market transaction by submitting a Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) to your Demat account providers like Sharekhan or Zerodha.