List of user actions (Behaviour Triggers) to show popups/notifications

List of user actions (Behaviour Triggers) to show popups/notifications

Wed, 08/24/2016 - 12:25
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This article will explain different types of 'Behaviour Triggers' made by users on websites. These triggers can be considered as Exit intent. Exit intent means the user is about to exit the website. Using these behavior triggers you can immediately grab attention of the user by popups or notifications. This technique will improve conversion rate of your website.

Many people made the demand of Exit intent technology tutorial and details about how to create them.

Everyone works hard to bring visitors to your site. But in reality, many websites have an incredibly high bounce rate or abandonment rate. So, when a high intent visitor is checking out the website but decides to leave without converting or buying anything, the concept of exit intent lets you present that visitor with an offer (or something like subscription form for newsletter) on their way out. This way out can find out by behavior triggers. 

It's essentially a last ditch effort to get that visitor to convert while on your website or landing page. It's an incredibly effective method of increasing conversions and decreasing bounce rate. Exit Intent has always delivered 10% to 40% improvement in website conversions.

Here I will show how to create exit intent popup on various user actions (or behavioral Triggers). You can remove popups with other message types like action bars, messengers, toast notifications. Currently, I used popup message type for all triggers.

What are the types of different Behavior Triggers?

Triggers are divided into 2 main types i.e show triggers and hide triggers

Show Triggers

  • Exit Intent

The popup shows when a visitor is about to leave the window of your website. This action gets a trigger when a mouse moves over a window of a browser. Click on a post link which will explain to you how to create exit intent popup on the website.

How to create exit intent popup modal?

  • Time on page

The popup shows after x seconds on the current page. 'x' seconds can be any number you want 10 sec, 20, 30...

  • Time on website

The popup shows after x seconds of entering your website. Please note that time on the website may differ from time on particular page.

  • User Inactivity

Popup show after x seconds of user inactivity. x will be a time in seconds for which user been in idle state.

  • Scroll Position

The popup shows when a user scrolls past half page or reaches the bottom. According to me its very user friendly and reliable method to improve conversation rate on website as compared to other. Click on a post link which will explain to you how to create scroll position popup on the website.

How to create scroll position popup?

Please note: on August 23 - 2016, Google announced that Google search is going to punish ranking of mobile pages that show intrusive interstitials (Disturbing Popups or notifications)

An alternate solution to this problem is to use scroll triggered slide box.

  • Using JavaScript 

Show whenever you want, using a JavaScript function call.

Hide Triggers

  • Button Click

Hide notification or popup on clicking close or call to action. Check button click hide demo.

  • Time Delay

Auto hide popup after showing for x seconds.

  • Another Message 

Hide the message when another message shows.

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