Most entertaining indian honeymoon stories

Most entertaining indian honeymoon stories

Sat, 11/12/2016 - 13:34
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Some most entertaining indan honeymoon stories those I heard from my friends. These stories may be just gossips but I am sure it's worth of reading these stories. You will definitely enjoy it. Also, I tried to keep these stories as solemn as possible.

Story 1

This story is narrated by a girl who just got married.

A day after our wedding, a friend of my husband’s sent a message for us to get ready with some clothes packed in bags. The message was cryptic, so all we knew was that we are likely being sent somewhere for the special night. His mom and aunt kept giving us knowing looks as we packed a few things into a bag. After a while, a car pulled up at the front door and we were asked to hop in. No matter how much we asked, the driver wouldn’t tell us where we were headed. Our curiosity came to rest when we pulled to a stop in front of a Holiday Inn about 2 hours from our house. Evidently, a honeymoon room had been booked for us. We thought nothing of it, except for the mild embarrassment of the entire charade playing out in front of the family. But nothing can beat what happened next.

We stepped into the room to find it decorated in the cheesy way most honeymoon rooms are, with rose petals in heart shape and towel swans on the bed. Same like this image -

Honeymoon Bed Decorations


As we were checking things out and settling in, the intercom rang and so I answered it. It was the receptionist.

"Ma’am, I just wanted to check if everything is ok." receptionist asked me

I replied "Yes, it’s wonderful. Thank you."

After a little pause receptionist asked "Ma’am, can I speak with Sir, please?"

I was a bit puzzled as to what it would be, but handed the receiver to my husband nonetheless. Here’s what I could hear my husband saying:

Husband: Yes yes, it’s all good.

Receptionist: (didn't hear his side of the conversation)

Husband: Yes, I see the decorations

Receptionist: (didn't hear his side of the conversation)

Husband: Yes, the rose petals are there

Receptionist: (didn't hear his side of the conversation)

Husband: (Looking amused and alarmed at the same time) Sure, we will!

I assumed the receptionist was probably trying to get feedback on the decoration, but as it turned out, here’s what he had said to my husband:

"Sir, actually sometimes when people have…umm, sleep on the bed, the petals stain the bed sheet and we can’t get it out. So when you…umm, sleep, please remove the petals first. Uhh, sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you!"

If you’re curious, yes we did remove the petals before, umm, ‘sleeping’.

Though as luck would have it, we discovered in the morning that we had missed a few petals!


Story 2

Once a man got married. This man before marriage used to visit brothels regularly.

He always wanted to marry a young and innocent girl. Eventually, he found one. She was young, attractive and homely. The guy was very happy. He didn't share his history with the girl.

After the wedding, he spent the whole evening partying and drinking with his friends. Finally, at midnight he proceeded to his bedroom and all of his friends wished him good luck and left.

The next morning...

All the friends gathered with excitement to hear his experience about the last night.

He came. completely shattered. Broken in pieces and devastated

Friends got worried. They knew that this marriage is not going to give him anything new but that much sorrow! They repeatedly asked the guy what happened, but he was speechless.

After a long time, he finally spoke.

“I entered the room. My wife was waiting for me. She was looking beautiful."

A friend in excitement "Then?"

"Then you know what happens, like every night, it happened."

He continued "When I woke up, you know my habit. I opened my purse and gave her 500 bucks.”

Friends in horrified voice asked, “What happened after that? Did she suspect anything? What are you going to do?”

The guy, who was in tears by now, murmured “She returned me 400 bucks.”

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