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Drupal 8: How to remove (not verified) status in anonymous comments?

You might have seen "not verified" status in your drupal 8 anonymous comments. It's very indecent to show these comments to users on corporate or any other business related website. 

To remove it from comments we just need to change settings in Drupal 8 themes appearance section.

Disabling (not verified) status in anonymous comments in Drupal 8:

Step 1: Login as admin to a website.

Step 2: In 'Manage' section of top admin menu click on 'Appearance'.

How to show popup when a user scrolls and reaches the bottom of page or content?

What are benefits end page notification?

Consider a user is reading an excellent article on your website. He finished reading your article and ready to flee away. In this condition Scroll Position Behaviour gets triggered. In response to that a popup shows up with a subscription form or realated article link. If user liked your current content then he will most likely subscribe to the newsletter or he can click next linked article. It increases bounce rate and you get a loyal user who reads and like your content regularly.

List of user actions (Behaviour Triggers) to show popups/notifications

Many people made the demand of Exit intent technology tutorial and details about how to create them.

Everyone works hard to bring visitors to your site. But in reality, many websites have an incredibly high bounce rate or abandonment rate. So, when a high intent visitor is checking out the website but decides to leave without converting or buying anything, the concept of exit intent lets you present that visitor with an offer (or something like subscription form for newsletter) on their way out. This way out can find out by behavior triggers.