Short and romantic stories to tell your girlfriend

Short and romantic stories to tell your girlfriend

Tue, 10/18/2016 - 13:02
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This post contains 2 short stories. You will definitely enjoy reading it with your girlfriend. Short story is like a love affair, a novel is like a marriage. That's why keep reading short stories.

Story 1 : Real diamonds

"A diamond ring? That’s damn costly. And you have a lot of them. Why again?" Raj shouted.

“My billionaire husband. They got a new collection in the market and you also got a new big business project. Apart, you know very well that  A diamond is the first love of any woman.” Sonia added, “So I demand.”

“Alright!” That’s all that Raj managed to say.

Sonia somehow convinced him to come along with her at a jewellery shop. While driving Raj thought how time got changed. There was a time 10 years before when he couldn’t manage to buy a gold ring for his fiancée due to his financial status and today for that woman, he could buy anything. Somewhere, he was feeling happy.

Meanwhile, they reached to the most reputed jewel shop in the town. The Jeweler greeted them. In mind, looking at a jeweler, Raj was abusing him like a hell for making a call to Sonia and informing her about the new collection.

After that, Sonia made herself busy in checking new collections and Raj was clearly getting bored over there. Raj kept looking at her. Sonia was happy and Raj always felt good to notice a smile on her face.

Meanwhile, the jeweler showed the costliest diamond ring of the shop to Sonia. Yes, undoubtedly, Raj fired some abusive words to him in mind, but only kept smiling by looking at him.

The jeweler asked Sonia to take out the old ring from her finger to know the size of her finger. Handling costliest ring in her palm, Sonia tried to take out the old ring and in this hustle and bustle, both rings skipped from her hand.

One was the ten-year-old engagement ring made of silver.
The other was the costliest diamond ring in the shop.

Like every other person, Raj too started to search for the costliest diamond ring in the shop. But when his eyes went to Sonia, she was focused on searching for that silver ring only. The fear of losing that silver ring was on her face. She became nervous all over. But why? She already had the collection of rings. Finally, happiness was all around her face, when she found the ring. Yes, the same old silver ring. She didn’t ask or think for the other costliest diamond ring.

She looked at Raj when she found the engagement ring. Raj came close to her and taunted with love, “A diamond is the first love of any woman. Isn’t it?”

Showing that silver ring to Raj, Sonia said, “This ring has real diamonds of love and memories. Isn’t it?”

That line hit straight through Raj’s heart. That day, Raj loved her the most. After all, his wife didn’t fail to identify the real diamond on that day and in her life as well.

Story 2 : The Other Side

She decides the venue, I decide the menu.
If the food is great, she decided the venue.
If the food is bad, I decided the menu.

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